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Panvel- a potential hub for flesh trade (sex as a successful Business)

As per the historical evidences, the city Panvel is older than 300 years. A city flourished with international relations due to the geographical structure of Panvel, thriving in the banks … Continue reading

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PMC is cleaning and repairing the city before monsoon

  Panvel municipal council is going a step ahead to clean and repairing the city, as the monsoon season is on the door step. PMC has come under severe criticism … Continue reading

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Summer season witnessed heavy congestions for trains and train tickets.

Vacation time of this summer season found a great rush for trains and train tickets affected normal journey with compromising in space, security and harmony. Every year vacation time is … Continue reading

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Delay in New airport shakes small scale investors in Panvel.

Posing a great threat for property markets and small scale investor in Panvel, as proposed international airport in Navi is delaying. Recent news on our newspapers and developments in government … Continue reading

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Panvel station’s security upgraded

In the recent history, Panvel railway station has got a greater importance, due to increase in commuters and as the gateway of Konkan region. Panvel plays a role of the … Continue reading

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Bus that hit, Killed woman found burning in New Panvel. No case registered by Police

A women were severely injured in an accident with a private bus in Sukapur, Khandeswar, when she was travelling in a scooty driven by her son on Wednesday 9.30 pm. … Continue reading

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Pipelines damaged or destroyed wasting water, but some found home here.

Panvel is projected has a future city with potential develop as a game changer in the state, due to its geographical and economical properties. Recent developments in infrastructure have accelerated … Continue reading

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New Drainage system is expected to solve health problems in Old city of Panvel

Old city of Panvel is in the path of modernization and experiencing the heat of developments. The new drainage system installing in the city is giving a new face as … Continue reading

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A tribal community in Panvel and their life..

‘Tribals are subject to exploitation, cruelty and poverty’- we learn these facts from our school history textbooks . The saddest thing is that, this remains the same in many areas … Continue reading

May 12, 2013 · 1 Comment

Increasing slums in Panvel city

When developments named Panvel as the future city, damage in human resource management compelled more people to chose home in slums. The increase in the number of slums shows failure … Continue reading

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Electric posts in damaged conditions

Posing a great threat to public life in Panvel, officials of PMC left damaged electric posts and opened circuits to supply electricity in Panvel City. Even near to important markets, … Continue reading

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World Thalassemia Day in MGM hospital bring joy for children under treatment

Pediatrics department of MGM Hospital, Kalamboli, and make a wish, organization for children made Wednesday a wonderful day for 32 Thalassemia affected children and their parents. Hospital has also conducted … Continue reading

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PMC to help leprosy patients

A major decision towards helping that leprosy affected in the city, Panvel Municipal council decides to provide financial supports. The path breaking decision came after Charusheela Gharat, understood the problems … Continue reading

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Awareness program conducted by MGM hospital on World Asthma Day

A group of socially concerned doctors in MGM hospital Kalamboli conducted a rally, free checkups and a 3 hour class to spread awareness about asthma on the occasion of World … Continue reading

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Beautification of New Panvel

New Panvel, an important alternative for residential purpose in the Navi Mumbai, situated in the strategic place and occupied with several developments. Recent developments such as bridges as well as … Continue reading

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Lack of parking space in Panvel

Panvel is proclaimed to be the rising city with lot of possibilities and geographical advantages. But developments and growth of the city is limited and destroyed by its own authority … Continue reading

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Filthy Nullahs and Waste water management in Panvel.

Panvel is a city of long history and importance in the state and is expected grow more due to its strategic location. It’s a wonder that Panvel does not have … Continue reading

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When law enforcers breaks it

Cases of taking bribes by traffic police are increasing in Panvel and New Panvel, where public are victimized with constant checking.  Population of Panvel and remaining parts has grown tremendously, … Continue reading

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A biryani that put Taloja on Map

Started as a tea shop in the slums of Taloja, National hotel has grown close to the heart of Mumbai and its metropolitan culture. Though situated far away from Mumbai … Continue reading

April 1, 2013 · 3 Comments

Unhygienic Roads causing problems in Panvel

Roads of Panvel have many stories to say, as they have seen heights and fall of many. These roads are now lying in problem and problems. Residents here points towards … Continue reading

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Christians in City observing Holy week, Good Friday and Easter

Members of Christian faith in the city is observing the holy week, the last week of lent observed for a month. From Palm Sunday to Saturday, they remember the activities … Continue reading

March 30, 2013 · 8 Comments

Corruption allegations against Panvel Municipal authorities

Panvel municipality’s decision to demolish a toilet that situated opposite to Shivaji Chowk, evoked corruption allegations and public concerns. As per the public opinion our newspaper has published the stinking conditions of toilets in Panvel. We have exposed the official lethargy and irresponsibility … Continue reading

March 29, 2013 · 2 Comments

Dangerous situation of water tanks in Panvel

1.     Half century old water tank in dangerous condition. 2.     Water tank planned and started construction 10 years before. Once again the official lethargy of PMC is exposed from the dangerous conditions … Continue reading

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Captain Partho Das honoured as Most Popular upcoming foreign flag

Captain Partho Das, Deputy Commissioner of Belize maritime Affairs, won prestigious award in Seashore Awards 2013 organized by ‘Sailor Today’. Seashore awards are presented every year for excellence in marine … Continue reading

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City Students to Compete in Germany for Formula Student

Triumphant Racers, a group of 23 engineering students from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, got a rare opportunity to express their talents in international level. They are selected to design … Continue reading

March 28, 2013 · 1 Comment

Gudka worth 10 lakh caught in Kalamboli by crime branch

On Tuesday morning Crime branch unit in Panvel caught 10 lakh worth Gudka mixed with tobacco and arrested the driver. Abdul Rehman Rahem, 25, arrested near to Kalamboli circle, as … Continue reading

March 27, 2013 · 1 Comment

Problems created by hawkers in panvel

With the inflow of investments and population, Panvel is considered to be the future city that holds tremendous possibilities. Developments in the city have evoked the need for good markets … Continue reading

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Home Minister Inaugurated New Police station For Kamote.

  As inaugurating new police station for Kamote and Khandeswar, Home Minister R. R. Patil urged policemen to be more vigilant about the security of women. He was inaugurating the … Continue reading

March 23, 2013 · 3 Comments

Vasant mela attracts public to Urban Haat

The Cidco urban heart is drawing a huge public, as its organizing Vasant melee with various cultural programs in the city heart. Several artisans from Orissa, Rajastan, west Bengal, Gujrat, … Continue reading

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Women labours: issues and problems.

Recently problems affected to women got various kinds of response from all parts of our country. Big platforms, Television channels and newspapers celebrated such response with stunning headlines. They have … Continue reading

March 22, 2013 · 2 Comments

Fumes of Alcohol.

Alcohol, a substance that changed story of many, uprooted kingdoms and captured empires. It has witnessed many fall of stars and destroying lives. There is no other substance that made … Continue reading

March 19, 2013 · 1 Comment

Good news for Panvel, as NMMT decided to resume AC bus services

Bringing good news for Panvel and its residents, NMMT decided to restart the AC busservices that connect Panvel with south Mumbai. NMMT has cancelled the services for the month of February due to loses happened … Continue reading

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Khargher: Metro Construction causing disturbances.

Kharghar residents are facing some crucial problems with traffic and ecological areas, as the construction of Metro Rail Projects are in speedy phase. The ambitious project of Metro Rail in Navi Mumbai is affecting the daily life of Residents … Continue reading

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Gardens occupied by alcoholics

When Kharghar is known for alcohol free node, its residents face a crucial problem of alcoholism. Due to various struggles and actions of residents in Kharghar, it is maintained as an alcohol free zone. But alcoholics … Continue reading

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Sex workers in Panvel

  Much hyped future city of Panvel is facing crucial problems not only in itsinfrastructure, but also in social reasons. Rising of prostitution as a profession is putting shadow over developments in the city. Though the … Continue reading

March 17, 2013 · 5 Comments

Treasure of coins and currencies collected by Kharghar resident

Begin as a hobby a Kharghar resident now holds an invaluable treasure of Ancient and Modern Coins. These innumerable amounts of coins tell us the story of ancient culture and arts. History provides … Continue reading

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Kalamboli Circle and Junctions in Sion Panvel Highway are suffering with traffic congestions

Problems. 1.      Lack of Speed breakers 2.      Lack of Management 3.      Drivers not respecting traffic rules. 4.      Speedy roads With drivers in hurry causing minor accidents at junctions. 5.      Traffic congestions in peak hours of evening. Even after providing good roads … Continue reading

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Traffic Congestion a bad signal for developments in Panvel

Panvel, the corridor for the Konkan region holds many transport importance in Navi Mumbai. The recent developments put tick to the growth of Panvel as a future city. As a … Continue reading

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Damaged roads creates traffic problems and affects developments in Old city of Panvel.

Proclaimed as an emerging city, Panvel still suffers due to its low infrastructure facilities. It is important for a City to develop its connectivity inside and outside the city. Good … Continue reading

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Panvel Railway commuters suffer due to insufficient infrastructure.

Problems covered: 1.       Black market for tickets. 2.       Long queues for tickets 3.       ATVMs not working 4.       CVMs ill management Big advertisements, flex boards and even visual audio advertisements are introduced to encourage and … Continue reading

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Two important Lakes in Panvel suffers due to irresponsibility of officials.

Putting forth a new example for irresponsibility of Official as well as residents, Panvel is facing sanitation issues in its Lakes. As developments are accelerating in the city, steps should be adopted to ensure the cleanliness … Continue reading

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Budget announced in Panvel municipality: gave emphasis on infrastructure development and beautification of the city.

On Wednesday, Panvel Municipality has announced a 95 crore budget for the next financial year by by stress the importance of infrastructure development. As a city that holds great potential … Continue reading

March 10, 2013 · 1 Comment

Plastic Problems in Panvel.

Problems covered 1.       Increasing Plastic waste in Panvel. 2.       Plastic wastes in Ponds, rivers. 3.        Plastic waste spotted near gardens, hospitals etc… 4.       Burning of plastics in many parts of city, problems. 5.       Medical waste spotted near to Vadale Lake. 6.       Used in markets in large scale. … Continue reading

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Speed breakers causing accidents in Panvel.

The newly built bridge that passes over old Panvel has played a crucial role in decreasingtraffic and related problems in the city. It has made easy for vehicles to pass through Panvel to reach other … Continue reading

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Non operating streetlights disturb nightlife in Panvel.

  The much proclaimed city of Panvel, as corridor of Konkan region and potentially futurecity again hit with another example for infrastructural problems. Street lights installedalong the important roads and streets in Panvel are not functioning, exposed the officiallethargy. Damaged roads and traffic are … Continue reading

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Karnala bird sanctuary

Starting a day with a voice of birds and fragrance of trees is in everyone’s dream. When the busy life of the city becomes tensed such places gave a refreshment … Continue reading

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Hawkers, Beggars and anti socials are out from Panvel Railway Station

Panvel railway station is one of the most important junctions of the rails in the state. Both for suburban as well as long journey trains, Panvel offers a huge amount … Continue reading

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Farmers and their fight with Soil- Kharghar

Agriculture in India has a significant history and an importance in our life. It is playing a crucial role in our economy as well as in our everyday life. In a moment of truth … Continue reading

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Importance of protecting animals for maintain Eco Cycle

Upholding the need to protect animals and living creatures to maintain balance in ournature, rotary club of new Panvel is conducting awareness programs in city schools. With the help of animal lovers and organisations, the … Continue reading

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Panvel bus stand suffers.

Proclaimed as the corridor of the Konkan region, Panvel, functions as a junction between important parts of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune. Thus Panvel plays a crucial role in managing flow … Continue reading

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