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Should Panvel Be Merged With Navi Mumbai?

NaviMumbaiMapThe ongoing discussion about merging Panvel into NMMC limits to accelerate growth is a Political issue than a Developmental discussion. The Panvel Post is discussing some of the implications and features of this ongoing discussion.

In the state of Maharashtra, Raigad district has seen the highest growth in urbanization at 81.89%. District has a population of 2635,394 of which 36.63% people live in urban areas. Majority of this population is located in Northern sub districts of Panvel and Uran. Debate has started many years back to merge some strategic places of Raigad with the city of Navi Mumbai to have more geographical and economical development.

Panvel is a crucial position for such a merging, because Panvel is most populated and economic hub of Raigad, an industrially growing coastal District. Panvel is its door to other richer districts and cities. Being the oldest municipality, Panvel has many issues when debate on its fate going on. But hardcore developmental issues of the Mini city are undermined by political debates. Though severe debates are going on about the merging of this old city with Navi Mumbai, much of them are coming out of political rivalry, rather than social commitments.

Currently State government was planning to merge the areas of Panvel Taluka developed by CIDCO. This includes Kharghar, Taloja, Kalamboli and New Panvel. This is just an attempt to extend political power into the Panvel limits by the family that controls Navi Mumbai. Meanwhile the current Panvel MLA, Prashant Thakur, came out with harsh criticism against the plans of merging. He even threatens about a possible revolution, if state goes further with the discussions. He called it as a conspiracy of some people with vested interest for individual gains.

The rapid growth happened in the District recently is visible in the Panvel node, which is also called as Entrance of Konkan Corridor for MMR. The upcoming prestigious International airport has raised the demand of Panvel. Economic potential of this place can drive many political equations from Panvel.  And political parties have already working on their plans to get hold in the region. Common man in the region wants politicians to focus on developmental and societal implications of such a merging.

Though Both Navi Mumbai and Panvel are witnessing heavy industrial developments and grow together, they have totally different features and potentials. Both regions witnessed a huge immigration into the regions due to its potential. Heavy urbanization is another specialty of these regions. Developments in each region are interconnected. Booming Real Estate in the region should also find a space in the debates.

Panvel is comparatively older than any other region in the State of Maharashtra. While flourishing in the banks of Gadhi River, it had maintained commercial relationship with many parts of the world. Panvel is about 300 years old, developed around trade routes (both land and sea), during the Mughal rule and hence after by the Marathas, British and the Portuguese. The City of Panvel is much more congested with small galleys and large scale of slums. Real Estate is a hot business, due to lack of space and heavy amount of commercial activities in the City.

Compare to this Navi Mumbai is much organized and modern in its residential as well as commercial centers. It is better if Panvel is allowed grow separately rather than putting it under NMMC. In this way both can grow with each other’s help without compromising its history and legacy. Politicians and policy makers in the region should deal with issue immediately for the peaceful development of both cities.



One comment on “Should Panvel Be Merged With Navi Mumbai?

  1. Robert Timepass
    March 15, 2014

    As panvel development is growing very fast

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