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Panvel Tehsil office gets electronic display to show info on government schemes

DSCF6103An electronic scrolling board presenting data on government schemes and welfare projects is put in front of Panvel Tehsil office. Public is advantaged due to the new facility as the information will help them to make use of the schemes introduced by Maharashtra and Central governments. Government is now using enhanced way to reach out common public with information through technology. The electronic data system was set up in the Panvel Taluka office in accordance with District Information Office guidelines.

In the recent history, many welfare schemes and programs of the government could not reach the grass root level and advantage the poor people to whom it was actually designed. This problems persisted due to the lack of communication between government and common people. Many people did not know that they have welfare schemes and programs introduced by government to help them. Taking note of the condition, the district administration took a positive step to inform the common man about the much needed data on schemes through electronic show. Around 15 Tehsil offices from Raigad district have the same facility.

“To reach out public with information regarding various government schemes, the new electronic strolling system was installed in Panvel Tehsil office. All the Tehsils in Raigad district got the system for public welfare,” said Rajaram Mhatre, Naib Tehsildar. The system installed at Panvel  Tehsil office has info on Young Fishermen Training, Indira Gandhi Retirement Scheme for senior citizens, Sport Associations’ Accreditation No, Mahatma  Gandhi Gramin Rosgar Yogana, Aam Admi Yogana and much more.  It will be certainly a great step of government’s communication with public.


One comment on “Panvel Tehsil office gets electronic display to show info on government schemes

    June 28, 2013


    List of Urgent Grievances:
    1) Bad Pot Holed filled Road (Three Kilometers)
    2) No Street Lights (Three Kilometers)
    3) No Hospital / Doctor / Nurse / Ambulance Service (Emergency situation)
    4) No proper transport to the station(only auto rickshaws no Buses)
    5) Interrupted power supply (daily from 9am to 3 pm)
    6) No School Buses / outside private vehicles (Due to bad roads)
    7) No dirt collecting van to pick up garbage (due to bad roads)

    This is very true and note worth that Panvel Zilla Parishad is offering the moon on earth at the entire three kilometer stretch of pot holed filled road at Chickhale in Panvel. This road exactly resembles the exact replica of the moon surface with all its craters visible and a sight worth seeing. In the entire Navi Mumbai no where will you see such haphazard, depleted standard of the roads that is found at this Chickhale Village. Without any doubt all the credits goes to the Panvel Gram Panchayat and Zilla Parishad who are instrumental in maintain such a status quo of the roads and their present condition.

    They are not at all ashamed of their lowered dignity and esteemed ego dented at the cost of poor Chickhale Villagers suffering for no faults of theirs. This entire stretch of road is so bad that all the vehicles running on them have severe maintenance problems and literally damage their vehicles spare parts due to all the stones strewn all around. If this road is so bad for the vehicle drivers then think about, how can a common man walk this entire stretch especially during late hours as there are no street lights for one to look down while walking and during the oncoming monsoon it’s going to be a worst experience of a life time?

    Its time up for the Panvel Gram Panchayet and the Zilla Parishad to stand up and accept the blame and feel remorse, as by now it has become clear, and their functions at Chickhale village too is out in the open. One visit to this Chickhale village in Panvel will automatically voice all the grievances and issues left pending till date for almost a decade. It’s astonishing that there is no authority above the Panvel Gram Panchayat and the Zilla Parishad to probe and question them about financial transactions scam till date. There is need for a RTI Inquiry into all their transactions and money laundering till date with a Economic Offence Wing Probe into all their hush – hush transactions. How much of it has been utilized for the benefit of this Chickhale Village is a distant dream all the Chickhale Villagers are dreaming about. Secondly all their acts are adverse to no development initiative, non-implementation of all beneficial projects so far for the up-liftmen of this Chickahale Village.

    The very fact about providing the basic facilities like good roads, street lights, hospitals, mode of transport (only auto rickshaws ply with maximum of (5 to 6 passengers Rs.10/- each) to and fro or at least till the Panvel Railway Station via the S.T.Stand which is missing till date. Of all these the most paramount importance is eradicating the spread of disease by arranging to pick up garbage rotting and disinsectisiding spraying the entire village etc. Almost every day there is a grudging gesture for all those pending developments which for no fault of the Chickhale Villagers have not seen the light of day. Can you imagine what will happen during the monsoon when all these pot holes get filled with water; how the drivers or pedestrians can figure them out and simply have a bad fall and a severe accident?

    Secondly there are no street lights for the entire three kilometers road, why, no one has the answer, but the Gram Panchayat’s Surpanch has one surprising reply: who will foot the electricity bill. But, on requesting them for going in for solar street lamp post, pat comes the reply, they will all be robbed and confiscated by street smart folks at night. Then what is the only solution, live in utter darkness with all the night crawling creatures. The danger is being bitten by one of them and it could cause death if it’s a poisonous option one. Thirdly there seem to be no urgency towards providing the entire Chickhale Village with a Hospital, Doctor to attend the sick, nurses to attend to the emergency patients, and a Ambulance towards acute emergency like a pregnant women ferrying to hospital, a heart attack patient to be given first aid on the way to hospital etc. It astonishes that for every silly medical reason one has to travel 9 kilometers up and down till Panvel Market area.

    Today all concerned parents speak of good schools and facilities for their children, but at Chickhale Village it is the opposite and vice versa. As there are no school buses plying into this village due to bad roads condition and no street lights. Finally who is the looser and non-beneficial in this entire scheme of things, its obviously the Chickhale Village residents and which is the winner the Panvel Gram Panchayat and the Zilla Parishad which are enjoying the vested interest money without any fear of inquiry or investigation and no one to question them all. So, far all the efforts of trying to open the eyes of the Panvel Gram Panchayat and the Zilla Parishad has fallen on deaf ears and its ignored hands down towards all these grievances. Who of all the esteemed Guardian Minister of Raigad, MLA’s other concerned Politicians, NGO’s, Well wishers and those concerned for such type of up liftment and fulfill the requirements of this Chickhale Village in the near future.

    All seems lost and so far no organization, Political entity, or a concerned personality has come forward to do justice to these Chickhale Village grievances. There could be an angle of political rivalry about clash of egos at stake which is literally obstructing all developments in this Chickhale Village. Let’s all too close down this chapter here and now and let this Chickhale Village be in the dole drums of utter darkness, reeling under all that severe grievances and continue to live in this Maharashtra State and country which often boast of great growth and development of rural section, especially at the rural panchayat level. If all this is astonishing then one has to have the very courage and guts to at least come and visit once to literally taste and feel for you how and to what the Chickhale Villagers extend are made to suffer and struggle by the Panvel Gram Panchayat and the Zilla Parishad with no respite at all from any quarters.

    Let us conclude this long litany of grievance and simply sit down put, with the thought that no one is going to up-lift or re-develop this Chickhale Village in the near future. If there was a soul and that brave front leader, he / she would definitely come up calling and with all guns blazing to put this down trodden Chickhale Village on the esteemed map of Panvel with a very high pedestal of growth and development at the rural front for all to admire at its best. But, all this looks a distant dream never to be fulfilled in the near future, if such type of officials and authorities are ruling like a dictator – a regime without any sympathy or ramose and a feeling of shame for destroying a village called Chickhale in Panvel. Long live the Panvel Gram Panchayat and Zilla Parishad

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,

    Fabian Edward Misquitta

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This entry was posted on June 4, 2013 by in Civic Issues.

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