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Pipelines damaged or destroyed wasting water, but some found home here.

Panvel is projected has a future city with potential develop as a game changer in the state, due to its geographical and economical properties. Recent developments in infrastructure have accelerated its potential and huge amount of people are attracted to the city. This has paved way for many social changes and expected to change more in the future.

The Panvel Post was always interested in capturing the differences and changes in the city. This time we are capturing the life of some people and how they adapted to the nature of Panvel. This brings both negative and positive effects on our society.

Increase in population has led to many problems and changes in the city. Some has to adjust, when one more comes into their home, in terms of space, food water and for every requirement. Panvel is witnessing a huge space scarcity for its population and is expected to increase in the future. This has led to the formation of slums and small homes, when people cannot afford their homes in flats or other homes in the city.

We have searched how and which pattern these slums are developing.

Interestingly, slums are not developing near to any industrial areas or commercial centres. Slums in Panvel are developing closely near to water pipelines. People are searching for their basic need and found to forming slums near to the presence of water. Major water pipelines in Panvel city and nearby areas are found to be damaged or destroyed in many areas. Various important pipelines are passing through Panvel Taluka, as PMC is struggling to supply water for its residents. Pipelines that supply water for Panvel residents, Pipelines that goes parallel to Panvel Uran roads are damaged and wastes drinking water for ease.

These slum dwellers have no intention to block supply to Panvel residents and neither interested in hurting other. But these people have no other option, but to steal water from pipelines to meet their need. If they choose to live inside the city, water will be a great problem, as PMC found it difficult to supply water for all areas. Present number of connections and water tanks are insufficient for the increasing Population in Panvel. Thus workers daily labours and some tribal people found it good to setup their homes near to pipelines, where water leaking due to damaged.

At least 30 positions of a pipeline that goes parallel to Panvel Uran road is damaged or destroyed. A large amount of water is wasted daily through these damaged areas of pipelines. Some multi storey buildings are also developed near to these pipelines and steal water from the pipelines. Some water suppliers are exploiting the weak points by installing a motor near to the pipeline and constantly draw water illegally for commercial supply. Even after many complaints, PMC has not taken any action against the stealing of water and continue struggling to supply water to its residents.

Anitha Ram, resident of a slum that developed near to a damaged pipeline in Panvel Uran road, said “we won’t get proper water supply inside the city. It’s a better option to stay near to where water is wasted. We use this water for daily purposes.”

R.R. Thayade, Head of water supply department, said “till now we don’t know about any thefts happening in Panvel. If so, we will discuss and take strict actions”



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This entry was posted on May 22, 2013 by in Civic Issues.

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