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A tribal community in Panvel and their life..

SAM_5766‘Tribals are subject to exploitation, cruelty and poverty’- we learn these facts from our school history textbooks . The saddest thing is that, this remains the same in many areas till today. As a growing, developing and one of the most searched place for land properties in Maharashtra, Panvel gave shelter for many tribals and their communities. Illiterate individuals of such groups still face exploitation, isolation and injustice from our society.

Tribal communities have their own culture, faiths and customs, which put them into unique categories. But some of these characteristics put them isolated from other people of society. This distance from the mainstream of society, forced them to live in communities and separated from external disturbances. Villages near to Panvel city and under Panvel Taluka have many such communities living in isolation.
Though records shows that many tribal people become educated and came to mainstream of society, still many tribal communities are illiterate, isolated and lives in extreme poor conditions.

Lalwadi is a small tribal place inside Karanjade village near to Panvel- Uran Road. A small community of tribals and their families live there. Though situated inside Karanjade village, Lalwadi is completely isolated and rarely even talk with other peoples of village.
Hamara jath ka hai kya? (Do you belong to our community.) – a basic  question asked by any tribal to a stranger found inside his area. They hardly give information about their people or community to strangers.

Members of these communities are considered as uncivilised and useless by outer world. But many of them are extremely talented and hard working in their domains. They are more close to nature and understand properties of nature very well. Many tribals are into cultivation and protecting gardens of fruits and vegetables. They understand even a small change in climate or properties of fruits and vegetables, which they are cultivating. They also knew about many medicinal properties and uses of different plants and trees. Close to nature they hardly trust doctors or modern hospitals.

When getting deep into their lives reveals many problems and strange experiences. Tribals are exploited and get very low wages for their works. Thus lead to many financial and social problems. One of the crucial problem that they face is lack of proper shelter. Though Lalwadi is separated from outer world, their houses are weak and often damaged. Some families even lives under big trees and covered with an old saree. For many in Lalwadi, house is made of four sticks and old sarees.
Illiteracy among these people has led to many problems and issues in their lives. Most of them don’t have any governmental records or identity cards. This made them inaccessible for  any supports or reservations from government. Government has allowed
Concessions and free medical treatments for tribals. But tribal community in Lalwadi is not getting any such charity or concessions, as they are not able to prove their tribal identity.

Health and Nutrition
A crucial problem affected by dwellers of Lalwadi is malnutrition and spreading of dangerous diseases. Malnutrition is a common fact among children in Lalwadi. Un availability of nutritious foods and low wages put these people into darkness of deadly health problems. HIV infection is another major problem affecting tribals. Due to un awareness the infection is spreading swiftly among them. Tuberculosis is a supplementary with HIV infection, which damages health conditions. Un availability of  modern treatments accelerates the problems and even rarely detected.

“We live in communities, because that makes a feeling of security in our lives. Outside world is more corrupted by people living with selfish motives. But we are happy to live together in communities. Though we are poor and uneducated, we are living happily together. Even those rulers[politicians] of our country are not interested in solving our problems” Said Sangle Gangaram Waghe, a senior person of Lalwadi.


One comment on “A tribal community in Panvel and their life..

  1. Tina Schell
    May 22, 2013

    Interesting and thoughtful – things I’ve never thought about. Well done.

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