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Treasure of coins and currencies collected by Kharghar resident

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Begin as a hobby a Kharghar resident now holds an invaluable treasure of Ancient and Modern Coins. These innumerable amounts of coins tell us the story of ancient culture and arts. History provides or serves a good understanding of our fore fathers and their culture. Materials used by them like Coins and currencies reflect the very style of those people.

Muhammad Ibrahim, 55, staying in Navi Mumbai travelled though villages and historical spots all over the country to collect ancient coins and currencies. His passion for coins and currencies started 30 years before just as a hobby, but now that collection has become part of his everyday life. He commenced his collection in his neighboring houses and then to different parts of the state and country. He met different types of people who are interested in archeological material and coins.

Rare coins even from 1st century and old empires decorate the collection. He holds a special collection of coins made in times of Chatrapati Shivaji, this fascinates this admires of Shivaji as well as historical scientists.

He is certified as Coin trader by national and international Coin societies. Recently he added the certificate of International Numismatic Commission, London to his 10 certificates awarded from different states of India. He is also certified by Numismatic Society of India and Mumbai coin society.

He attended numerous exhibitions and programs conducted by various coinsocieties in different states of the country for 20 years. Ibrahim says, “I’m getting good supports and encouragements from coin societies, as it holds a huge potential for business. But in my initial stages of collection and searching, I suffered lot and no one supported. But my passion for coins took me in search of new arenas incoin collection.” He sold one of his rare and precious coins of 1897, issued by British India, for about 2 lakh rupees recently.

He collected coins from ancient empires of Kushans, Mugals, Cholas, Marathas, Kingdom of Mysore, Nizam of Hyderabad and Modern British Indian. He also kept a huge collection of all modern Indian coins that made after independence. “Searching and collecting coins need dedicated minds and tremendous efforts. Many of my family members and friends are inspired by my efforts and statedcollecting ancient materials.”

Sohan Chaudhary, running business in Kharghar, says “Ibrahim Uncle shares all his stories and coins with his friends and family. His works inspires us a lot and we also ancient archeological materials and coins.

Coins designed with various art works, emblems and rulers, which reveal the artistic capabilities, are an interesting part of Ibrahim’s collection. Coins made of Panch dhatu (alloy of 5 metals-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, and Iron.) in times of Mugals and Marathas has a great market value and are long lasting. These coinsplayed a crucial role in archeological surveys and in understanding economic activities of that time.

Funny coins are an interesting part of Ibrahim’s collection. Indian coins of 5, 2 and 1 rupees, which do not have emblems or impressions on both sides, but have impression on circular area. Mistakes happened on coins are displayed by Ibrahim in different exhibitions. He has a collection of 49 types of 1 rupee notes and 43 types of 2 rupee notes.

He stored coins and currencies made to propagate special programs of central government such as ‘Food work for all’, ‘Happy child nations pride’ and ‘Equality development peace’ counts up to 126 collections. He has a huge collection of rarecoins even of foreign countries. He collected coins and currencies of Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Japan, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

He is busy with his schedule for exhibitions in Nagpur, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Surat. He is indented to develop his collection of coins by adding foreign currencies into account. He is planning for innovative methods to sell his collection and attract more people into this profession


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